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Our long established family practice welcomes patients of all ages. The practice philosophy is to provide the best possible dentistry in a relaxed, warm and friendly environment. We aim to care for your dental needs providing prevention and sophisticated treatment with our specialists and general dentists. As a patient you will be under the specific care of one experienced general dentist who will asses your needs. The dentist will discuss with you all the options available, which will allow you to make an informed decision about your treatment, its timings and all costs. You will have the convenience of having the best experienced dentist, specialist at the practice, to whom your dentist may refer you to for specific treatments. We have a modern dental laboratory on site and the technicians will see you in the surgery to coordinate the highest quality aesthetics. There are also 2 orthodontists with enormous experience who treat both adults and children. They have all the latest techniques including invisalign, clear ceramic braces, and lingual (invisible) orthodontics.